About Us

The ASEAN Center for Academic Initiatives, created for the purpose of supporting Osaka University’s outreach in the ASEAN region, has established an office in Bangkok, the Kingdom of Thailand, and has been developing public relations by networking with academic institutions in the region, aiming at recruiting outstanding students from ASEAN countries and enhancing the international presence of Osaka University. We visit schools, colleges and universities, so as to inform the students of Osaka University’s excellent education and research, and, at the same time, we also connect with alumni living in ASEAN countries to expand our international network.

  • 久田4Prof.Hitoshi Hisada
    Regional Director
  • Nueng5Pacharapon Tinawan
    Staff member


A selection of our main activities is outlined below.

Recruiting students to study abroad at Osaka University

In order to recruit excellent students from ASEAN countries, we attendstudy abroad events such as the JASSO Study in Japan Fairs in Thailand (Bangkok, Chiang Mai), Vietnam (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City), Myanmar (Yangon), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), and Indonesia (Jakarta, Surabaya). We also develop our public relations by visiting schools, colleges and universities in ASEAN countries to inform students about studying at Osaka University.

  • スワンクラーブ高校説明会Explanatory Meeting at Suankularb Wittayalai High School
  • JASSO日本留学フェア(バンコク)JASSO Study in Japan Fair (Bangkok)

Supporting Alumni Activities

The ASEAN Center supports the Osaka University Thai Alumni Club and the other overseas alumni clubs in the ASEAN region.

  • 大阪大学タイ同窓会(2015年11月)
  • 大阪大学タイ同窓会(2015年11月)
Osaka University Thailand Alumni Reunion (November 2015)

Collaborating with ASEAN institutions

In order to collaborate with universities and research and educational institutions in ASEAN countries, the ASEAN Center supports collaborative research and other various projects conducted by Osaka University’s faculty members.

  • ASEAN Universtiy Network事務局訪問Visit to the Office of the ASEAN University
    Network Secretariat (Chulalongkorn University)
  • ASEAN地域の大学との情報交換会Explanatory Meeting in a Thai Province
    (Naresuan University Phitsanulok)



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